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SoCal Scullers is a high-performance rowing team

with an emphasis on small-boats training.

We are based at the Sunset Aquatic Marina and row on 3,500 meters of tranquil waters in Huntington Harbour. 

Follow this link for directions and information about our location and practice course.


Rowing instruction and coaching is available to athletes of all skill levels.
Prior experience not required; we welcome athletes of all ages!


We are a USRowing Partner Training Center tasked to develop young athletes for US national teams from the junior through Olympic levels.

The area we practice from is an active boat-launch ramp shared with the general public. It is important that all athletes pay attention to their surroundings and behave in a safe and respectful manner.
Providing a safe, respectful environment to all of our neighbors is very important to us.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when arriving for practice:

1: The Sheriff’s Department monitors cars driving through the Marina Complex. Please slow down to the posted speed when you reach the bridge.
2: When parking in the free parking area, use the land side,
leaving the water side spots for local boat-owners.
3: Please keep noise to a minimum while waiting for practice to begin. T
he people living on their boats are friendly toward us, but have complained about

chatter and car radio noise early in the mornings.
4: No talking until you reach the rowing boats, especially while walking past the marina office building. The facility manager lives above the office and

does not enjoy being woken in the morning.


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